The college planning process can be time consuming, frustrating, and stressful. 同时, it can also be a fun and exciting process full of opportunities to explore and shared moments to treasure. To help students and parents through the college planning process, 请使用大学前的日历和清单作为指导. 


  • 大一

    • 坚持发挥你的能力! 
    • 秋季参加PSAT 8/9考试. 
    • Get involved in Aquinas or community extra-curricular activities. 
    • Gifted student athletes should begin learning about NCAA core course requirements, gaining a heightened understanding of the importance of good grades.  
    • Start a file for report cards, awards, accomplishments, and activities.
  • 坚持发挥你的能力! 
  • 保持课外活动. 
  • Identify career exploration resources at Aquinas and in your community. 
  • Consult with a finance professional about strategies for funding college. 
  • Gifted student athletes should begin learning about NCAA core course requirements, gaining a heightened understanding of the importance of good grades. 
  • 比如PSAT 10.


  • 坚持发挥你的能力! 今年在学术上是非常重要的一年! 
  • Obtain a social security number, necessary for college and financial aid. 
  • Identify and explore the college planning resources at Aquinas and in the community. 
  • Begin narrowing down colleges that seem to be a good fit for you, and visit them. 在校期间参观校园是最理想的. 好好利用学年的休息日. When you set up official campus visits you can often receive fee waived applications. Keep a journal of your trips, making notes of your impressions, pros and cons, people you meet, etc. Don’t forget to send thank you letters to the admission representatives who interview you or provide a tour. 
  • 秋天在阿奎那参加PSAT/NMSQT(练习SAT). 
  • Register for the SAT I (and possibly II’s) and ACT for the spring test administration dates. 与潜在的大学核实具体的测试要求. 注意注册截止日期! 
  • Talk with the college admission representatives from the various colleges that visit Aquinas during your lunch period throughout the year. 
  • Consult with a finance professional about strategies for funding college. 熟悉联邦和私人学生贷款. 
  • 开始寻找奖学金的机会. 该网站 www.fastweb.com 是一个很好的资源. 
  • 当你选择大四的课程时,选择具有挑战性的课程. College admission representatives take notice of this as an indicator of your motivation. 
  • Consider a summer job or internship that may be related to a potential career interest.
  • 完成阿奎那的高级简介, which is used by teachers and counselors when writing letters of recommendation.


  • 下定决心,坚定地完成高中学业. Colleges request a midyear report to check on a student’s academic progress senior year. 
  • 注册下一次可用的SAT或ACT考试.  
  • Ask two or three teachers if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation. 一定要感谢他们. (Most applications automatically ask for counselor evaluations/recommendations.) 
  • Compile catalogs and admission information, including applications, for your top choices.
  • Review the unofficial copy of your transcript, which will be given to you by request. 让你的辅导员知道你可能有任何问题. 
  • Counselors will meet with all students to review the college application process. 

  • 重考SAT和/或ACT. It is your responsibility to ensure that your standardized test scores are forwarded to colleges, 你可以让他们直接从测试机构寄过来. 不要做假设! Communication with your counselor is a vital component of a successful application process! 
  • 参观或重温你所选择的顶尖大学. 采访学生和教职员工. 
  • Work on college application essays and ask a parent or teacher to read your rough draft. 保存在USB上. 还记得, this is a unique opportunity to give the admissions representatives a glimpse of who you are! Make it meaningful and memorable for the reader by being creative and interesting. 
  • 安排与Mrs .. Arieno in the Counseling Center to review completed application materials. 
  • You can start filing for the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 网上申请: www.fasfa.ed.政府
  • Check with the Counseling Center and your Naviance account for scholarship opportunities. 全年定期继续这样做. 

  • 你还有机会重新参加SAT和/或ACT考试. 
  • 继续提交大学申请. 注意大学的最后期限和阿奎那的最后期限! A good goal is to have your applications submitted by Thanksgiving. 越快越好!!! 

  • 父母: Save year-end payroll stubs in case they are needed for determining financial aid eligibility. 
  • 继续提交大学申请, 请记住,这个过程已经开始晚了. 优先考虑这件事! 
  • If you would like to have your college applications mailed before Christmas break, 向咨询中心查询申请截止日期. 

  • Submit your FASFA form if you have not done it already (keeping copies of all submitted forms). 
  • 父母: Consider preparing tax returns early in case they are needed for determining financial aid eligibility. 
  • 录取通知书可能会开始到达. 有些过程很快,有些则慢得多. 当你被接受时, be aware of deadlines to make a final decision on actually attending and submitting your deposit. 

  • 确保你已经和Mrs. Arieno in the Counseling Center, which colleges are asking for midyear reports and transcripts. These colleges typically have a midyear report form that you sign when you submit your application. 

  • Contact the college financial aid offices to ensure you have completed all the necessary paperwork. 
  • Your SAR (Student Aid Report) containing federal financial aid information should be arriving in the mail. If you haven’t received the SAR and it has been at least four weeks after you submitted your FAFSA, you can check on it by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center at (319) 337-5665. 

  • Compare financial aid award letters from the schools to which you have been accepted. 
  • Decide which college you want to attend and check with that college on the particulars of signing and returning the financial aid award letter. 确保你的定金在截止日期前交上去. 
  • As a courtesy, let the other colleges know that you will not be attending. 
  • Become familiar with other important deadlines at your chosen college. 

5月/ 6月:
  • 集中精力学习. 不要让“毕业倦怠”影响你的期末成绩! 
  • 向咨询中心报告你的奖学金. 
  • 毕业时不仅要自豪地成为阿奎那的毕业生, but with the knowledge that you have made a thorough and educated decision regarding the continuation of your academic journey.
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